To the Sea

More places to visit on the coast (and beyond!)

About a 20 minute drive to the East from our cabins, is the picturesque village of Alnmouth with a list of dog-friendly pubs serving food (to people not dogs.) Try the Red lion for good food especially the Steak and Ale pie! You need to be there before 8.00pm – the pies are popular. Why not visit the ‘Schooner Inn’ reputedly the most haunted inn in Great Britain with over 3000 sightings?…

Alnmouth has a beach and our version of The Giant’s Causeway in N.Ireland – not quite as big but formed in the same way – molten rock cooling relatively rapidly creating small columns.

Beautiful beaches and views across the bay to Coquet Island

If a life on the ocean wave appeals to you, why not visit Seahouses or Beadnell (24.0 miles North East) where you can find boat excursions to take you to the remote Farne Islands.

This is a cluster of islands which have a wealth of seabirds nesting each year. If you go in the breeding season take a hat or rolled up newspaper (don’t hit them with it!! – hold it upwards on top of your head – they go for the highest point and may dive bomb to protect their young!) It’s more interesting than scary. For dedicated bird watchers it’s the chance to get photos from as little as two feet away.

You may also see puffins shadowing the boat as you travel, and the possibility of a dolphin breaking the surf. Seals can often be seen basking in the sun on the rocks.

A scenic drive North along the coastal route will bring you to Holy Island or Lindisfarne (35.8 miles North East) where you can visit the castle and priory. You need to time your journey in advance as the Island is reached by car only at low tide. The road is completely swamped by water as it rises at high tide and the island becomes just that – an island.